Infamous 2 voice actor back to work in role of Cole

A somewhat cryptic series of Twitter posts from the voice of Cole MacGrath confirmed we’ll be seeing and hearing more from the Infamous 2 protagonist, although in what capacity remains to be seen.

“Feels good to get back in the mo-cap suit,” voice actor Eric Ladin posted on his Twitter account on May 4th.  “Before you ask… no, not inFamous.”

Ladin did let it be known, though, that while the voice and motion capture work he was doing wasn’t for a new Infamous game or DLC, he wasn’t quite done with the role of Cole MacGrath.  “I was playing Cole,” was his response to a Twitter follower asking him to drop a hint on what his work was for after his previous tweet.  Since then, Ladin has removed the tweets, although IGN has screen captures of them.

So, voice work and motion capture for the hero of Infamous 2 is being done, but the content isn’t for anything Infamous-related?  It seems likely that Ladin’s doing work for the upcoming PlayStation 3 brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, meaning his character will make an appearance in the game, but nothing has been confirmed to that end.  Ladin could also be taking up a completely different role of a character also named Cole not related to the Infamous universe (sure!). It looks like we’ll have to wait for Ladin or Sony divulge more information on Battle Royale in order to find out.