Infernax could be a hell of a good time

The “r” word is popping up all over the place at the moment. In fact, we’re focusing so hard on the term “retro,” that I’m beginning to wonder whether we’re forgetting to look for anything new. Actually … that statement is only half true. If retro is done properly you can take some very classic ideas and put a very modern spin on them. Something doesn’t need to be a carbon copy of that game you played in 1992 to be good. The only important thing is that it needs to feel like that game you played and loved back then. This is where this genre thrives and why players love it so much and keep coming back for more. Today’s game is Infernax and it’s very new, but not, all at the same time.

Coming from the folk over at Bezerk Studio and being published by The Arcade Crew, Infernax is a retro action-adventure that centers around the character of Alcedor. This famous knight discovers upon his return from the crusade that unholy magic is spreading throughout his lands. Armed with his fetish mace and trusty shield Alcedor vows to smite the many beasts that are now roaming his home.

As in all good adventures, the experience and gold you’ll earn from opening demons up like tin cans can be spent on gaining bonuses and improving Alcedor‘s stats. You’ll also be able to unlock new weapons, allowing you to find interesting and creative ways to crack a few skulls. What isn’t found in every classic adventure is a character that’s going to have to make some pretty hefty moral choices. You’ll need to think carefully about how you deal with these situations as they’ll affect the outcome of the game.


Infernax is a side-scroller that will bring you back to some of the most beloved adventures of the late 80s. This being said, Infernax also has a very open world. Some of the game’s more obscure levels are reserved only for the most daring of adventurers amongst you. There’s treasure to be had in these bleak places for those skilled enough to find it, so exploration is very much one of the game’s key assets.

If you’re looking for a bit of gore and a brand new adventure, Infernax may just be the game for you. It’s due for release at the beginning of next year on PC, The Xbox family of consoles, PS4, and of course, Nintendo Switch. None of you will be getting left out if a bit of blood lust is what’s needed to carry you into the new year.