Injustice: Gods Among Us — 2012 Tokyo Game Show Trailer!

The aftermath is chaos. Pure chaos. What the hell went wrong?

We’ve had teasers and bits on certain characters, but here is the official TGS trailer! And it is intense. The voice acting is incredible. The shear amount of level-destruction and backdrop devastation really sets the final tone for this game. It is not happy, and it is not kind. Injustice clearly is continuing to promise to break your childhood memories of the DC Universe in half, and then shake you down for your lunch money.
Bones are cracking, women are screaming, and men are bleeding. Everyone seems to have a stake in this, and everyone seems to have a side. But in all this insanity, who could possibly be right? I don’t know about you guys, but after watching this trailer…

I see a lot of grit teeth, hoarse throat, bleeding fingernails, and roaring victories coming my way! Are you excited? I am!