Inside peep at Outward


Love a realistic simulation RPG? Then you may have already gleaned your lobes and retinas toward Outward. More than just an open-world filled with bad-guys, perils, battles, scattered guidance, and scarce weaponry (although, all of that is still delicious). Outward pits its players against the odds too. Both external and internal dangers need to be faced and overcome in order to survive in the vast, deadly world of Aurai. As well as facing enemies, there are extreme environmental conditions and infectious diseases to overcome. The elements, reading a map, and the need to not underestimate the power of a good and sturdy backpack. All play a large part in how well you will survive and overcome in Aurai.

Developed by Nine Dots (Brand, GoD Factory) and published by Deep Silver (Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island). Outward blends fantasy style play within a realistic RPG setting. Players can work with rituals, at a cost, as well as various weapons.

The game uses an autosave system that forces players to live, or try to live, with their decisions. Which means that what you decide will definitely impact your gameplay, potential survival, and situations you will inevitably face. Me like-y, any game that allows the potential to have an alternative experience a few times over, it’s the goods.


Dev Diary

In the latest dev diary update, the team focuses on environment and game mechanics. The video outlines the true benefits of the “backpack”, why it is important to choose wisely, pack wisely, and carry with the mind-set of necessity vs quantity. Players will rely on their map, and their ability to use it. So, your compass will come in very handy for survival, with a more traditional map orientation style used within the game.



Outward offers players a chance to play solo or experience with friends in co-op. Split screen (yes, split screen), and online play is also there to dabble in. All-in-all, Outward looks to bring a lot of hardcore loot to the table.




Set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, March 26th 2019.

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