It’s time to discover the Shape of Fantasy

There’s a lot to love about a good narrative adventure. Sometimes you want to ease off on the action and take a different path in the gaming world. With puzzles abound and the excellently written stories that make this genre so tantalizing, it’s very much a case of a change being as good as a rest. Today we’ll be joining a well-loved writer in a completely new tale as we investigate Verne: The Shape of Fantasy. If you’re interested in unlocking the secrets of Atlantis I strongly suggest you read on.

Verne: The Shape of Fantasy is, as I’ve just mentioned a narrative adventure that’s now available on Steam and GOG at the rather reasonable price of £12.79, (€14.99 for our European friends.). Coming from the talented devs over at Gametopia and published by Assemble Entertainment this title is giving us a lot to like. This is especially the case if the idea of joining Jules Verne, (the bloke that wrote the odd masterpiece like Journey to the Center of the Earth,) on a brand new adventure floats your proverbial boat. He wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea too, so that’s actually quite fitting.

In Verne: The Shape of Fantasy we’ll be joining Jules as he explores and uncovers the illusive secrets of the source of the power of Atlantis in a story that takes place in an alternative version of the year 1888. Against this backdrop, players can expect to be dropped into a world where a war against the ruthless Nation threatens to destroy the land of HemeraJules will be joined by Captain Nemo and his crew as they set off in search of an ancient artefact that is said to contain the power to change the course of history.

Throughout your journey, you’ll have access to Verne‘s IMAG device, a fantastical contraption that allows him to rewrite history, changing his fate if things don’t go quite as intended. This being said, having the ability to use this fascinating device won’t alter the fact that players will have to solve curious puzzles while paying close attention to every detail of the beautiful pixel locations they’re in.  You never know which small trinket could mean the difference between success and failure.

The puzzles that I’ve just mentioned utilized side-scrolling gameplay inspired by old-school adventure games where not just solving puzzles but exploring every inch of your surroundings will be the key to success. As this goes hand in hand with a stunning pixel setting there should be lots to captivate both old hands at the genre and new players alike.

There’s a lot to capture the imagination in Verne: The Shape of Fantasy. You’ll journey through a steampunk-esque world brought to life by detailed pixel art. Whether you’re navigating the dark corridors of the Nautilus or Atlantean ruins the story will be brought to life in gorgeous fashion. Fleshing the narrative out will be non-linear dialog used by a robust cast of characters in a thrilling tale that reflects the human ability to imagine and tell larger-than-life stories.

Adding to the excellent plot writing and imaginative puzzles present in this new adventure is the fact that to an extent Verne: The Shape of Fantasy is historically accurate. Though the story itself is obviously fictional it leverages true-to-life information about Jules Verne‘s life and world-famous works. This will all blend with the narrative beautifully to create something truly special.

I love classic literature and it’s always lovely to see great writers and characters of the past being brought into the present for a modern-day audience to enjoy. Verne: The Shape of Fantasy sounds like an excellent addition to the libraries of narrative fans looking for a new tale to become lost in. I think it might be time to board the Nautilus and see what all the fuss is about, how about you?