Jade’s Ascension takes us to the arcade in a PS4 exclusive.

I don’t quite know what it is about gamers and the word exclusive. We’ll go to great lengths sometimes to get a game we want to play even if it means buying a console first. I completely understand the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know nobody out of your console owning sphere can play what you’re playing: it’s nice to be part of the club. What I’m not sure I understand is whether it’s worth paying hundreds of pounds (or dollars) to get that feeling and essentially shell out £300 for a £40 game in the process. What I do love is when an exclusive comes along for the console I’m already on which makes owning said game a lot less expensive all around and is still totally rewarding. Stop babbling and get on with it? Yes, probably a good idea. The game is Jade’s Ascension and it’s exclusive to the PS4 Store.

Set in the Kingdom of Mojolonia, Jade’s Ascension will see players taking part in a tournament for the crown. This will not be an easy task, however, as the chosen will need to navigate a series of rooms filled with dangerous hazards if they are to become the new ruler.

Based on Chinese mythology, Jade’s Ascension is a co-op affair for up to four gaming friends. Using unique characters, you’ll have to work together to figure out how to best use their individual abilities to overcome the enemies and obstacles present in each room. Your characters will also grow as you play. If you can defeat the bosses controlling the game’s towers, they’ll earn special abilities as a reward.

The towers you and your team will enter each have their own enemy hazards and bosses to conquer. You’ll need to change your tactics accordingly so don’t expect Jade’s Ascension to be a walk in the park once you’ve got the basics down. The variety being offered should also give this title a good amount of life and replayability.

So, what’s not to love? You’re getting an exciting and colorful new arcade adventure only you and your PS4 loving friends will be able to take part in. That should help you scratch the itch if having an exclusive or two in your library is a must. Jade’s Ascension is a digital-only release and you’ll find it in the PlayStation Store for $9.99.