Japan out of Street Fighter IV, cue riots

You know, it’s a good feeling you get when you watch a long standing franchise still churn out gold. Let alone a fighting game, which could be a dying breed (depending on who you talk to). Don’t tell Street Fighter IV though, as the latest game sold a lot of copies in Japan in its first day of release. What is a lot? Well, it is estimated at 86,000 copies. If that number doesn’t stagger you, Capcom has reported that the game has sold out in Japan.

On their official Capcom Unity Blog, an administrator explains the situation.

“There ARE no more copies to sell on the store shelves. I heard from Ono-san himself last night that Capcom has a few boxes left in the basement that they’ll be sending out on Monday, but they were totally overwhelmed by the demand,” the post stated. Honestly though, a few boxes in the basement? I wouldn’t be surprised if they diverted global shipments in order to satisfy the demand over there. I mean that would be crazy…they wouldn’t do that………..would they?!