Japanese television is afraid, very afraid

The more the Wii continues to sell like none other the more and more concerned we become that it will eventually take over the world, soon to be subjugating all of humankind of to its fitness programs, kart racing and light-saber wielding bad ass characters (I guess it wouldn’t be all bad…). It looks like we’re not the only ones afraid of the Wii’s power. Television networks in Japan, where the Wii has clearly established its home base for world domination, are shaking in their boots at the idea of the Wii’s upcoming video distribution channel.

A senior executive at Fuju Television, Japan’s largest network, told the Times that if the Wii was able to become the “centrepiece of the living room,” it would be “the stuff of television producers’ nightmares.” I always thought that television producers had nightmares about Janet Jackson’s bare nipple, but I guess things are different in Japan. Seriously, the Wii could dominate TV in Japan. It’s in almost every home there, the channel is being put together by a marketing company and Nintendo can specifically target a wide range of consumers without having to pander to all of them at once.

Of course this is Nintendo and online we’re talking about here. The only thing they’ve managed to really do right is let us all vote on if we like extra cheese on our pizzas and buy more of their games. If the service sucks, than the people won’t come, right?