Just a little reminder that robots beat ninjas

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It’s understandably hard to get excited about movie-based games, but the more we see of Terminator: Salvation the more I’ve been saying, “Damn, that looks fun.” There are a few good reasons to feel that way. One, this is Terminator my friends, so how can we not get pumped up? Second is that this is more of a movie tie-in since the story is a lead-in to the movie, taking place two years prior. This gives us more hope in a movie game than ever (except maybe for Wolverine), since it won’t be forced to follow all the movie scenes.

Third and foremost is how much the gameplay looks completely based on Gears of War, which is a good thing here, not like Ghost Rider knocking off God of War. The above trailer not only shows that off, but also a bit of the plot and emotion of the characters as John Connor rises as the unwavering, badass leader we’ve always heard about. Of course, seeing Terminators breaking through walls to grab people like that doesn’t hurt either. Look to the game stores and movie theaters for your own little piece of Salvation next month.