Just Cause 2 devs go on the hunt

Just Cause series developer Avalanche Games is getting into the digital hunting business.

The studio has acquired full rights to The Hunter, Emote Games’ browser-based hunting sim that uses Avalanche’s game engine. From now on, Avalanche will assume all developing and publishing duties of the title, plans to offer new content and, even though it “suffered from the extremely tough business climate during 2009,” CTO Linus Blomberg says, is “committed to the development of The Hunter and to the continued investment in the IP.”

The Hunter presents us with very exciting opportunities, and we have high ambitions for this game,” creative director Christofer Sundberg added. “Having control over all aspects of the service puts us in a good position to cooperate closely with the community and improve the experience even further.”

Avalanche’s other hunting game, the one where dictators of tropical island paradises tend to be the prey, Just Cause 2, is launching next month.