Karateka reboot coming to consoles

It seems that Karateka, the classic martial-arts fighter, is the next game in line for the reboot treatment.

Jordan Mechner, creator of the original game and creative director of the remake, is striving for a balance of new and old; “It’s a reinvention that brings the original story to life with all the incredible graphics and sound capability of today’s consoles.” For those who never had a chance to play this wonderful game, originally for the Apple II computer, it’s basically a side-scroller about a martial artist who enters a Japanese fortress in order to save a princess, and who gets to kick an awful lot of eagles in their uppity beaks along the way. Mechner went on to say that he wants to “keep that simplicity,” something that made Karateka such a memorable game.

Look for the Karateka reboot to be coming as a downloadable title soon. If it can capture the atmosphere of the original, we may have another Bastion on our hands; and I don’t think anyone will complain about that.