Kickstarter for Curse of Anabelle


Istanbul based indie studio, Rocwise Entertainment, launch Curse of Anabelle Kickstarter.

Curse of anabelle logo

What to expect…

Fingers trembling at the keyboard, headphone turned up to jump-scare, lights dimmed. The mood is now set, for those brave enough to face the darkness that is Curse of Anabelle. A dark puzzle, horror adventure game that connects players to the mystery of death, spliced with real-world elements of legends and myths, dating back as far as the 10th Century B.C.

Nine-year-old, Anabelle has tragically died on the grounds of Ramsey Mansion. Emily, Anabelle’s very un-dead older sister, begins to receive messages and communications in her dreams prompting the belief that her sister is not only in purgatory, but also in need of help. The dreams persist and intensify, driving Emily toward Ramsey Mansion and its demonic mysteries.

Watch the Kickstarter Trailer

The trailer showcases a dark open world on the Ramsey Mansion grounds, suspenseful audio and, what appears to be, battle-like engagements with a demonic entity. What’s not to love get freaked out about?

Some known features to expect are:

  • a mysterious storyline based upon real-world legends and myths
  • unravelling the cursed past of Ramsey Mansion and the Ramsey Lineage
  • an inventory of mystical arcane books
  • crafting ancient seals and overcoming malevolent forces with the aid of ancient rituals [ohhhh?]
  • travel between timelines, discovering secret routes
old table littered with vintage artifacts. Two photographs, one with an older male sporting a white beard, another with two women dressed in 10th century clothing.

Curse of Anabelle is in the last stages of development with a Kickstarter set to secure the final funding. Find out more on digital & non-digital rewards for backing on the Curse of Anabelle Kickstarter page.

A play demo is also available on the Curse of Anabelle Steam page.