‘Kill Confirmed Mode’ in Black Ops 2 will actually discourage camping

Were you one of the people who had high expectations for the new ‘Kill Confirmed Mode’ in Modern Warfare 3? Were your hopes for a non-camper match of Call of Duty dashed away from you when you found out that the game designers didn’t actually fix the problem? You weren’t the only one.

Luckily, Treyarch is trying to rectify this problem in Black Ops 2. According to The Examiner, the re-structured version of the game mode has fixed some of the problems that plagued the version released in MW3. The changes were detailed in a post on the Black Ops 2 message boards:

Kill Confirmed was once one of my favourite game modes in MW3 but it had a noticeable flaw which turned me away from the game mode.

The flaw was that you were still awarded a pointstreak even if you or a teammate didn’t collect the tag.

In Black Ops 2 using the scorestreak system, this is how the score scoring system works:

  • Killed enemy – 50 points
  • Pick up enemy tag – 100 points
  • Teammate picking up enemy tag – 25 points
  • Denying an enemy a tag – 25 points

This change is huge, as it all contributes to the players “score streak” and pushes players to play the objective. If you’re ignoring all the dog tags, you won’t get to your scorestreak reward as fast as the player who is playing the objective.

Looks like a pretty solid fix. It seems like you really can’t ignore the bonus points that are rewarded to you for slinking out of your hiding spot.

Well done, Treyarch. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes for someone to find an exploit that breaks it again.