Kinect game reviews won’t factor in sales, says MS

Hey, did you hear Kinect is releasing next week? If you haven’t, then I hope you have plenty of room under that rock of yours because I’m applying for roommate. Kinect has been on the Home Shopping Network, even making it to daytime talk shows (including the big O), and Microsoft has already spent a bajillion dollars marketing it. So, I’m guessing they hope it sells well.

But in this day and age, many game sales can hinder on the word of game reviewers. Will this be the same for Kinect? Microsoft doesn’t think so. The head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment, Aaron Greenberg, told Eurogamer: “[Microsoft would] love to see great reviews, but I don’t think you’ll see the same type of correlation between reviews and actual sales of the game […] would be my guess.”

Come next week we’ll find out if his guess is correct.