Kirk gone missing

Star Trek fans it may be time to convene in an emergency meeting. I know, I know we’ve only done this twice, but this is far more damaging than J.J. Abrams remake of the franchise. It seems that the upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online, might be missing a little something. According to an interview with executive producer, Craig Zinkievich, Star Trek Online is going to be missing a big part of the trek.

There is no Kirk.

I’ll let that sit in for a moment. You ready for me to continue? Because the whole crew of the original series will be long dead. Granted, that makes sense considering the game takes place in 2409. Spock might still be around, because you know those Vulcans live a long time. But no Kirk? Who will guide us through those distant stars? Who will fight off Klingons with just their fists? Who will try to sell me hotel rates at a great discount?!