Klimb the Kombat challenge tower, Mortal

[tvgb 258629]

Now this is cool. NetherRealm studios is giving an inside look at the “Challenge Tower” mode in the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot. They boast over 300 levels that must be climbed with an array of challenges. Remember those old “Test Your Might” minigames from the original arcade version? Those return. Then there’s levels where you have to use a particular character’s special moves to complete challenges. Other levels include certain restrictions put upon your player with a slot-machine “Test Your Luck” mechanism, such as disallowing kicks, adding visual effects to the level, or even removing your character’s head. Hey, in Mortal Kombat, anything goes.

The developers even issue a challenge for the first player to reach level 300 and beat it without a scratch on them to post their victory on YouTube. Will you be the first?