Latest Killzone 3 trailer gets emotional, stars Malcom McDowell and Ray Winstone

[tvgb 236567]

For such a high profile game, Killzone 3 has surprisingly kept its head down over the run up to launch. We’ve seen two single-player levels and a bucket of Beta gameplay, but that’s all.

With just a month until launch, Guerrilla are clearly looking to build some last minute hype with this story trailer. No gameplay, but a bunch of clips from the game’s (in-engine) cut-scenes. Interestingly it looks like there’s a bit of a power play going on between the Helghast with two key figures, Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock¬†¬†struggling for control. You may notice that to make up for Brian Cox’s absence, Malcom McDowell and Ray Winstone have come on board to play the Helghast leaders.

Meanwhile the ISA have little option other than to run and hide while the space Nazis hunt them down. Pretty dramatic stuff for a game that’s so far had little in the way of story other than loud swearing.

Killzone 3 launches February 22nd.