Latest Pocket God update chock full of Charlie Sheen-isms

[tvgb 273955]

Pocket God gets a transfusion of tiger’s blood in today’s “Two And A Half Pygmies” update, with the addition of a character named Charlie who in turn transforms into a tiger and a Vatican assassin warlock.

“A mysterious stranger arrives on Oog Island and he seems a little addled,” says the official description for the iOS title’s thirty-eighth episode. “He speaks in a strange code and keeps babbling about ‘winning’. He also does other weird things like transforming into a tiger that slices other pygmies in half. Gross! What makes this pygmy so crazy? Well…he’s a total freaking rock star from Mars!”

I thought it was the fact that he never sleeps and carries around a briefcase full of coke, but maybe I’m thinking of a different Pygmy.