LEGO Lord of the Rings abilities detailed


Arriving sometime this Autumn, TT Games is bringing humor and fun to Middle Earth in true LEGO fashion. Spanning the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, players will control 80+ characters on the way to Mount Doom to destroy the infamous ring. You’ll also jump in between storylines by using the Palantir (Seeing stone).

Like previous LEGO titles, characters can affect the game world with abilities inspired by their film (or comic) counterparts. Here we have a preview of the abilities for a few characters, including the Fellowship.

Frodo Baggins
Phial of Galadriel to act as a light in dark places. Elven cloak that camouflages the wearer. Wields Sting.  Possesses the One Ring which, when worn, accesses the Wraith-world of the Nazgul.

Samwise Gamgee (Sam)
Has a tinder box to start fires, sleek Elven rope to explore new areas, and ability to grow spectacular flowers and vines.

Has a magical staff that can lift and build LEGO objects, provide light in dark places and shoot out bolts of energy.

Possesses Andúril, the sword which bestows magical powers. Uncovers and follows the tracks of friends and foes alike

Amazing sharp-shooter with his bow. Possesses extreme agility and balance.

Shatters LEGO rocks with his mighty axe.

Uses the Horn of Gondor to deafen enemies. Broad shield protects him from enemy attacks.

Merry and Pippin
Access to Hobbit holes, and crawl spaces. Elven cloak that camouflages the wearer.