Life-size Link hat and other Zelda papercraft goodness

This life-size Link hat, with optional Link hair, is but one of the many amazing, intricate and inktastic (this particular bit of video game inspired haberdashery will set you back 12 pages) designs available from the good gamers at Nintendo Papercraft.

Modeled after Twilight Princess‘s Link, this Link hat and hair combo is completely wearable and also completely paintable, should you want to save your printer from commiting suicide. In addition to the color there’s a black and white version available for download, which can be painted, making it longer-lasting and more damage-resistant should you choose to wear it out of the house — and I pray you do.  Once the doctors say I can be allowed around sharp objects again, I am so getting to work on this epic piece of papercraft goodness. Of course, if you would like to make it and mail it to me, that would be even better. And don’t forget to enclose a knife! I needs me my stabby stick.