‘Line Pirates promises in-depth gameplay with Facebook convenience

Now awaiting your pledge in the Kickstarter universe is ‘Line Pirates, an epic card-based strategy game from Spudnugget Studios that has the ambitious goal of being a Facebook game that appeals to casual players as well as actual strategy fans.

“Many Facebook games are sadly just time wasters. You click, and then click again an hour later to collect a bunch of junk,” says Spudnugget leader Kim Lumbard in a press release, “That’s why we’re building the game ‘Line Pirates: to bring higher quality gaming to Facebook.”

With ‘Line Pirates, Spudnugget is hoping to combine the short play sessions of social games with the sense of accomplishment that comes from playing a more involved console or PC strategy title.

The title of Spudnugget’s project is based on the antagonists, the Timeline Pirates. They’re trying to alter the course of history and only the MultiVersal Corps can stop them. The main character of the quest, Ezzy, is recruited by the MVC to begin the amazing journey into time and space.

Gameplay in ‘Line Pirates is based on collecting cards and organizing them into decks to play against opponents. Like with any collectible card game, the cards in ‘Line Pirates each have their own special abilities. What sets the game apart is that the cards are placed strategically on a grid, where they can gain advantages depending on how they are located in relation to other cards.

As deep as ‘Line Pirates promises to be, creating a Facebook game is all about the social experience, so it’s a good thing that Spudnugget has made the title appropriate for solo, co-op or competitive play. However, it remains to be seen if casual players will buy into a Magic-like card game in a sci-fi universe. If you’re intrigued by ‘Line Pirates, hit up their Kickstarter page for more info.