LIT: Bend the Light reflects on a Switch appearance

Who loves a good puzzler, then? Well if you do and you own a Nintendo Switch, I might have one for you that may be right up your alley. The game we’ll be discussing today is LIT: Bend the Light and it’s due to hit your Switch console on March 3rd. I’m telling you about this now because if you get your skates on and pre-order you’ll get a fairly handsome 15% off the asking price. As we all love a bargain this is definitely something that’s worth doing. Interested? Good! Let’s get on with it then.

LIT: Bend the Light is an award-winning puzzler coming from the folk over at OverGames and Copperglass. This title is set in an era where electricity wasn’t a thing other than a flicker of genius in the minds of great inventors. LIT invites you to test your own inner engineer and allows you to experience the joy of experimenting with light. You will then go on to solve a range of light-based puzzles; all against the backdrop of the game’s beautiful and mysterious world.

The way light behaves in LIT is physically accurate. This being said, the light paths you are going to produce through the course of the game are possible but incredibly difficult to replicate in real life. Using mirrors and shards of glass to reflect and refract light you will be given a problem and all the tools necessary to solve it. How you arrive at that solution, though, is entirely up to you and the challenges you face are open-ended, giving you room to be creative. The devs have assigned a number of solutions to each level but there are other possibilities and they are looking forward to clever players finding other solutions that they, themselves, haven’t thought of. That sounds like a pretty cool challenge in and of itself.

LIT: Bend the Light sounds like it could be very complex. On the contrary, this title has been designed to be intuitive. During development, LIT has been tested on a number of different age groups and types of players. If you’re looking for something clever and education to keep your five-year-old happy this could be a very good call. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to introduce an older family member to gaming while giving them a bit of a challenge this could be the way to go too; and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a new puzzle to get to grips with and a bit of light-play sounds like a really fun way to go about it it, LIT: Bend the Light might just be the game you’re looking for. As I mentioned earlier you’ll be getting a release on your Switch just next week. If you want to get in earlier and grab that sweet discount there’s no time like the present, being the bright spark that I am, I’ve provided you with a nice, quick, easy way to do that here.