LostWinds 2 already announced

The game has only been out for one day but already we get confirmation of a sequel to LostWinds. You can now sign up for information on the sequel via Frontier Developments’ official site, which is also how they decided to announce the game. I’d call this an amazingly knee jerk reaction if it wasn’t so obvious that the sequel was already in development before the first one was even available. Considering all the positive press reaction their game was getting, Frontier must have known they had a good thing coming.

I haven’t even had time to download and play the game yet but if the internet is to be trusted – and it always is – then LostWinds is one of the best Wii games to be released this year. According to reviews, the art design is amazing, the gameplay and controls are simple yet enthralling and even the music is top notch. I wasn’t even planning on getting any WiiWare games right off the bat but I don’t see how I can pass this up now. The only complaint I’ve read is that the game is to short because, like Portal, you just want more. But unlike Portal, we’ll be getting just that some time soon.