Machinarium coming to WiiWare

After being passed over by Microsoft and reportedly courting Sony, Machinarium has finally found a console to call home. XGen Studios, the indie developer behind WiiWare’s Defend Your Castle, and Amanita Design have announced that the game will see a release on WiiWare.

No details have been disclosed as to how the point-and-click masterpiece will translate to the Wii, but something tell us that it’ll involve the pointing and clicking of a Wii remote. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, elements of this beloved PC franchise get lost in that translation, but extending this game to a wider audience is something to get behind.

Jordan Dubuc, Director of Operations for XGen, described it as “an honor long overdue for Machinarium” and that they’re “very fortunate to be working with the talented team at Amanita to share this interactive work of art with a whole new audience of gamers.”

XGen also disclosed via press release that it will be readying Super Motherload, the next installment of the Motherload series for WiiWare. The new title will feature 4-player gameplay, “un-lockable pods , each with their own unique abilities,” along with “new, never-before seen minerals, treasures, and dangers.”