MAG promises 30fps, always

[gametrailers 51801]

MAG is an ambitious game by any gamer’s rubric. The smart and terrifyingly ballsy guys over at Zipper Interactive have decided to make a 256 player multiplayer-only experiences for console. In real life.

A new developer diary has one promise every fan of games and tech snobs will enjoy. No matter what is going on in-game, MAG is optimized to keep the frame rate at 30fps. Now that’s not too great — 60fps is what real life uses — but when you have 256 players all converging on the final capture point, with helicopters dropping in reinforcements and grenades going off left and right and the PS3 is still chugging out a lag-less 30fps you gotta show some respect.

MAG is a PS3 exclusive scheduled to come out some time this year.