Major League Eating is not a joke

[gametrailers 32619]

All Americans are fat! We know this is not strictly true (just like “all European girls are easy” eh, Se?) but they don’t help to dispel this stereotype by turning eating into a ridiculous sport. Never has the phrase “only in America” been more apt. Well, now it seems we can go one step further and turn the ridiculous sport into a ridiculous game.

As it was announced a little while ago, Sensory Sweep Studios are working on Major league Eating: The Game for the Wii, due for release later in 2008. You get the chance to take on the role of some of the world’s leading “competitive eaters” (I am not making this up) and simulate the act of stuffing your face with all sorts of foods. If you eat too much then then you can release the pressure by blowing chunks or farting. Delightful.

I’m not sure how this fits in with the Wii Fit image that Nintendo are promoting at the moment, but I suppose it’s not really binge-eating-’till-you-puke, just like Wii Fit is not really excercising (see vid below). So on reflection maybe the two titles should be bundled together.