Merek’s Market sells itself this September

I do love a good crafting game. Saying this, there are a few takes on how you go about this genre. One way of doing this is to use the Diner Dash model. Here you basically don’t really craft as much as multitask really quickly to meet customer orders. You’re making stuff though, so it still sort of fits. A lot of these games have been dropped into the pit of mobile pay to play, never to be seen again, but when they first came out they were actually quite good. The other way of looking at this involves physical crafting, meaning that you have to complete various mini-games to the best of your ability to produce whatever you’re producing and keep said customers happy. There is of course a middle ground but you get the gist. Those of you that love a good craft might want to keep an eye out for Merek’s Market which will be opening its doors to visitors next month.

Merek’s Market is as I’ve just mentioned a crafting game. Here, you will have to help the titular Merek haggle, barter and craft his way through what is to be quite a comical single-player campaign. If you want to trade with aid, (sorry,) you can also have your friends come along and help you supply the entire town in a four-player co-op mode that should be fun for everyone.

The last 18 months have been really tough on everyone, so what better way to mark the return to “normality” than a session of good old-fashioned co-op gaming set in a store with no masks required? ponders Dave Warderley of Big Village Games. “Merek’s Market is fun for all the family – friends away for the summer break? Your parents will totally be useful teammates. Lockdown took its toll? Save the relationship with some quality time. Struggle with the most basic games? That’s fine, just look like you’re doing something useful while your team carries you.”

Merek’s Market features the art of haggling. To get the best price you can you’ll need to read your customers and adjust the bill accordingly. It’s not all just about selling though, you need to make the stuff first. This title will see you crafting some truly beautiful inventions and a few fairly awful ones too. You just have to remember the customer is definitely, (probably,) always right.

If you like being a bit of an entrepreneur and want to get your hands on this new venture you absolutely can in September. September 15th to be more exact will see Merek’s Market appear on PC, the Xbox family of devices, PS4, and Google Stadia. It’s always nice to be able to get your friends involved in whatever you’re doing and we all know what sorts of chaotic fun a good bit of co-op play can create. If you think you’d like to get your hands on your customer’s gold you don’t have too long to wait.