Mass Effect 3 to feature SP and MP post-launch DLC

Downloadable content is a given nowadays. Whether any particular game features a single-player campaign and/or multiplayer, there will always be DLC at one point or another after the game’s release. In this case, Mass Effect producer Casey Hudson has confirmed that both the narrative and online portions of Mass Effect 3 will see DLC releases.

“There’s some multiplayer stuff, but we’re also planning some DLC on the single-player side, because it did really good in Mass Effect 2,” said Hudson when asked about it. “There’s a reason why we can add stories to what’s there. The adventure-type DLC will happen in the time frame of Mass Effect 3, within your Mass Effect 3 storyline. It’s similar to how with Mass Effect 2.”

And similar to Mass Effect 2, is the way it’s all going to work. “If you had a saved game from anywhere inside the game, you could go on to the DLC,” added Hudson. “We have a pretty neat concept for how it’s going to work.” They obviously do.

Mass Effect 3 is set for a March 6th launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.