Mega Man creator falls in love with PSP

Time for the ‘Japan, you so crazy!’ report of the day: Mega Man creator and ex-Capcom legend Keiji Inafune is working with Idea Factory to developer a new PSP love sim, Andriasang reports.

The game, titled Bakudan Handan, features a theme park designed by Inafune. The player takes control of a group of girls that come to the park on the worst possible day as a man in a bear suit is threatening to blow the place up (we hate it when that happens). Inafune will also star in the game as the main character’s uncle, offering advice as things go along.

This is the man that was saying that the Japanese games industry is currently plagued with bad games.

We highly doubt you’ll ever see the game in the west, but it’s coming to PSP in 2012. And of course, the system is region-free if you simply have to get your hands on this… for some reason.