Metacritic scores individual developers

Much like the way it scores individual actors and actresses working in the movie business today, review aggregator Metacritic is now applying scores to individual developers working in the game industry today.

All developers are given an “average career score,” which is basically an average score of all the games each individual dev has been involved with throughout his/her career in one way or another. For instance, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski has 10 games listed on his profile, the lowest-scoring of which got a 66 (Geist) and the highest a 94 (Gears of War). Taking into account the other eight games, his “average career score” stands at 86. Other examples include Peter Molyneux (82), Hideo Kojima (83), David Jaffe (83) and Tim Schafer (86).

While this acknowledgement interestingly shines a light on individuals within the industry, some of whom truly deserve it, we believe a game is made by team effort, not one individual; do we really think a sole individual should be hailed or blamed if a game succeeds or flops, respectively, or should the entire team behind it be held accountable? How fair is it, actually?