Metal Gear HD loses MGS1 and 4 for European LE, gains art book, more

Konami have made some amendments to the limited edition of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in Europe, which launches on February 3. Some of these changes are good, and some of these changes are bad.

Bad first? Okay; there won’t be a code of MGS1 or a copy of MGS4 included in the set anymore. Zavvi, the retailer exclusively selling the set, will  include a platinum copy of MGS4 for those that pre-ordered the PS3 version pre-change, but everyone else misses out.

On the bright side, there’s some neat new stuff included, like the exclusive steelbook packaging. Fans will also get a 250-page artbook and a t-shirt sporting everyone’s favorite bandanna-wearing hero on the front.

It’s disappointing to lose the extra games for sure. Do the additions make up for it?