Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker now available digitally for PlayStation Vita

Fans of being sneaky are in for a treat today, as Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is now available as a digital download for the Vita. A SNAKY mixture of action RPG and RTS elements, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker tells a gripping tale of political intrigue that is told through the beautiful artwork of Yoji Shinkawa and acclaimed comic book artist, Ashley Wood. The game introduces a new enemy for Snake to battle: the dreaded AI Weapon. These unmanned giants can be airborne, ground, and act like a mobile-fortress that talk and sing (?) during battle using VOCALOID technology (I hope one of them has pigtails and a viking hat and makes your ears bleed with opera).

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker also contains an expansive multiplayer: players can engage in four-player CO-OPS (which cleverly and somewhat messily stands for COoperative-OPerationS) and three-on-three battles. These linked battles take advantage of the Vita’s Ad Hoc capabilities and gamers can administer medical help to each other, share munitions, and use the patented SNAKE FORMATION for defense, covering blind spots by forming what I can only assume looks like a giant cobra (with fangs).

One important thing to note: Kojima Productions’ nifty gameplay tech, Transfarring (which allowed one save file to be used between the PS3 and Vita for cross-play in Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection), is NOT available in this version of the game (unfortunately digital distribution has some drawbacks). More info on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and other games in the series can be found here (past the literal explosion of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance information).