Microsoft to host TGS 2008 keynote


Yea, you read that right. Microsoft, the company that has about .0001 percent of the Japanese market is hosting the TGS 2008 keynote. The keynote will be hosted by Microsoft Corporate Vice President of LIVE, Software and Sales, John Schappert and is called “A Canvas for the World.” He’s going to discuss “how Xbox 360 will bring more people together than ever before to enjoy the next wave of interactive entertainment experiences.” Then maybe he’ll explain why he was chosen.

Actually, as TGS becomes a more global show, the reasons behind choosing Schappert to deliver the keynote are a bit more apparent. Afterall, the 360 is doing better worldwide, and the show itself is no longer as Japan-centered as it use to be. Either way it’s a big win for Microsoft who have been sucking up Japanese RPGs like none other and trying to get even the smallest foothold in the market. Maybe now they’ll get a bit more attention over there or maybe people will just scratch their heads and wonder why the talk has nothing to do with touch screens and motion control.