MicroBot coming soon to PSN, available now on XBLA

[tvgb 207895]

The MicroBot virus is spreading to PSN. EA has announced that its arcade-style shooter set inside the human body will arrive on PSN on Jan. 4 for $10. The downloadable game first made its debut on XBLA last week (Dec. 29) and can be had for 800 Microsoft Points (also $10).

In MicroBot, gamers take control of a microscopic ship on a mission to eliminate rogue bots that have turned on its master and are working with viruses in an effort to take control of an unknown host body. Players navigate through the said host body’s veins, bones, lungs and brain, adjusting to the currents of the human body which create both additional hazards and combat advantages. Destroying enemies unlocks new technology to customize MicroBots to the tune of millions of possible configurations.

For more, check out the MicroBot teaser trailer above.