Microsoft brand 2010 Xbox’s “biggest year ever”

With great exclusives like Halo: Reach, 3rd party hits like Call of Duty: Black Ops and the newly released Kinect, it’s been quite a year for the Xbox 360. On a business scale it’s also been incredibly successful, becoming the “biggest year ever” for the system according to Microsoft.

The company’s Interactive Entertainment Business COO Dennis Durkin claimed: “It’s been a good three years for us. We’ve had nice stair steps in terms of growth every year sequentially getting bigger than the previous year, and this year is going to be our biggest year ever.”

With Kinect gaining strong sales the company is to focus on increasing profit: “I want to make money on things that we sell. I think the business of subsidizing things is a historical artifact. And so, for us, it’s about making money and extracting value for the things that we’re building. ”

Expect Microsoft to hit 2011 in full swing, backed by their recent success.