Microsoft Japan media conference drops release dates

A few hours ago Microsoft held a media conference in Japan where it announced 31 titles for Japan. The Xbox 360 has sold 1 million units in Japan so far and now Microsoft is giving away a million Microsoft points as well as giving every owner in Japan a free dashboard theme.

So far only a handful of games have been shown. Magna Carta 2 will be out August 6, Tekken 6 will be out in Fall 2009, End of Eternity which is a new RPG from Sega comes out in Winter 2009 and Bayonetta is also set for Fall 2009. Dead Rising 2 still doesn’t have a release window. Lost Planet 2 was also revealed to include four person cooperative play through a new trailer.

After the jump are the XBLA release dates for Japan.

  • Lode Runner – 4/22
  • Banjo Tooie – 4/29
  • OD Beat Drop – Spring or Summer 2009
  • Bubble Bubble Neo! – 2009
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves (SNK Playmore) – Spring or Summer 2009
  • King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match – 2010
  • New Samurai Shodown – 2009
  • Virtual On – 4/29
  • Zero Day Attack on Earth (Square Enix) – 2009
  • Project Cube (Square Enix) – Spring 2009
  • Yosumin Live (Square Enix puzzle game) – No release date