Microsoft keynote reveals Xbox stats


Microsoft’s GDC’08 keynote has just been wrapped up, during which a number of Xbox 360-related statistics were revealed again, like it’s become customary during these kinds of events. Let’s dive right into it shall we.

  • Achievement junkies, be proud. You’ve unlocked over 1 billion Achievements.
  • Over 20 billion Microsoft Points have been purchased, which is over 250 million dollars (Xbox LIVE Gold memberships not included).
  • The insanely dedicated Halo community is uploading about 100,000 pieces of user-generated content per day. That’s apparently 30% more than the amount of videos that are uploaded to YouTube every day.
  • Over 3 million songs have been downloaded for Harmonix’s Rock Band.
  • XNA Game Studio has been downloaded over 800,000 times. 200 games from around the planet have been sent in. Instead of the single Xbox LIVE Arcade contract they promised to give out, they gave out four (must have been pretty impressed).
  • And finally, Microsoft expects that there will be over 1000 games on the market before the end of the year.