Microsoft to “Break the Bank” at E3 2009

Microsoft are planning on “breaking the bank” at next year’s E3 by teasing games due beyond Christmas 2009. Speaking in the latest Major Nelson podcast, Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer said: “The last two E3s, at least – if I use that a proxy for what’s coming, we’ve talked a lot about what is in the next five to six months after the E3, and we’ve had some pressure that maybe we want to think a little broader about what we’re gonna say at E3, a little further out in the future.”

Spencer continued, “So I came out of an E3 planning meeting just about an hour ago, and we’re looking at some of the plans for the future and things that we might want to tease, and it’s very exciting because there’s a lot of stuff on the way, and maybe we’ll break the bank a little bit and talk about things that are further out, which will hopefully get the community excited.”

So you think this is Microsoft’s brave vision of the future, designed to revitalize an increasingly stale E3? Or just a tactic to gloss over a lackluster 2009? We’ll find out next June.