Microtransactions coming to Fable III

Speaking at BAFTA’s Annual Video Games Lecture in London this evening, Peter Molyneux revealed that a microtransaction system will feature in Fable III.

During the speech, in which the veteran British games designer outlined his vision of the future of videogames, Molyneux announced that the forthcoming game in the Fable series will feature a in-game shop in which additional content will be available.

In Fable III‘s shop, Molyneux is proposing that items such as swords will be available for a nominal fee of around £1, while access to new areas of the game environment – a notional ‘island’ was discussed, bringing to mind Fable II‘s DLC Knothole Island – could cost more. Ultimately, the Lionhead boss and Microsoft Creative Director is looking to the store to provide a more harmonious relationship between a title and its downloadable content.

Later in the evening Molyneux responded to a question regarding industry retail models by revealing that Lionhead are even considering selling GameFAQs style Fable III walkthroughs in the store, though it should be noted that this is just one of many ideas being bounced around. And if there’s one thing Molyneux isn’t short of, it’s ideas.