Minecraft 1.5 video shows weather effects, stats, and achievements

[tvgb 275817]

The $33 million-in-profits indie sandbox giant Minecraft is moving to beta version 1.5 soon, and here is a video to show off just what the update will add. The most obvious addition is weather. Right when the video starts you get to see some snow falling, and later it shows off rain. Aside from cosmetics, expect them to have effects on the little piece of the world you’ve carved for yourself. Rain, for example, will be necessary to grow crops, and can also put out fires.

The video also shows off the game’s new stats and achievements system. After the player gathers some ice and looks in the inventory, a familiar rectangle pops up in the corner of the screen reading “Taking Inventory.” Then a menu reveals an achievement tree showing that certain achievements must be unlocked before others. After taking inventory was getting wood, which is exactly what the player does. Then we see the stats menu, where all kinds of information is stored from distance walked to materials gathered and the number of times.

While the game won’t leave beta until November 11, it seems like there’s plenty to look forward to between now and then.