Minecraft 2 something for “normal devs”, not Mojang

It’s been a busy week for Minecraft developer Mojang. Having announced their new strategy game, Scrolls, the team has headed up to GDC to share info about the project.

PC Gamer asked team members Markus Persson and Jakob Porser about comparing their new game with the vastly-different Minecraft. Porser replied: “I’m sure we will not have anything as close as viral to the success of Minecraft obviously, it’s whole other type of game. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people disappointed in this game because it’s not a Minecraft kind of game.”

It is a rather odd turn for a developer to go from something so revolutionary to something with such a niche following. “We get a lot of stuff right now because of Minecraft. It’s very important to remind ourselves that we’re here to do the games that we really love, and we really want to do ourselves,” added Porser.

Does Scrolls dash hopes of a Mincecraft 2 though? Persson certainly hints at it: “At a normal company we’ll probably do Minecraft 2, but [Scrolls] is a game I really want to make instead.”