Minecraft Armor Stand Recipe

This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

The armor stands in Minecraft is an item that allows you to create a mannequin of any character in the game. The crafting recipe to build an armor stand is quite simple, but it requires some materials and a few minutes of your time.

We have prepared a complete tutorial on how to make an armor stand in Minecraft for you below.

How to Craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft?

The ingredients for an armor stand are:

  • 6 Sticks
  • One Smooth Stone Slab

You don’t need a crafting station to create an armor stand—create it in your crafting table menu.

Where Do You Get a Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft?

Sticks are easy enough to craft in the crafting menu by stacking two planks. Smooth stone slabs, however, take some harvesting and processing.

Smooth stone in Minecraft is the same as cobblestone, but instead of rough edges, it has smooth and shiny ones. Smooth stone is a decorative block that you can use for a building or making an armor stand in Minecraft.

Stone slabs are quite common in the game. You often find them as ground cover at the base of hills or mountains. But the smooth stone is not naturally occurring. Instead, you have to craft it yourself.

It’s easy—you smelt regular stone blocks in your furnace to turn them into smooth stone blocks. One regular stone block smelts into one smooth stone block, so it just takes a little extra processing time to turn your harvest into an attractive smooth stone.

From there, you have to craft the smooth stone into a slab. You don’t need a crafting table—you can do this right in the crafting menu by placing three smooth stone blocks in a row on the crafting grid. This will output six smooth stone slabs. Alternatively, you can put one block at a time into the stonecutter to get two slabs.

Can You Get an Armor Stand in the Wild?

There are two ways you can get an armor stand in Minecraft. You can craft it or take one from one of the two that generates naturally in each Taiga village inside the blacksmith.

However, armor stands don’t randomly spawn anywhere else (including the nether) or in loot chests.

How to Use an Armor Stand

An armor stands in Minecraft is an item that lets you create a mannequin of any character from the game and pose it.  While this may seem useless at first glance, there are a few practical uses for an armor stand:

If you’re building an RPG-inspired map or a roleplaying server, you can display armor on an armor stand so that other users can quickly recognize which player’s chest it belongs to. You can build full-scale displays with multiple armors stands in a single room for larger areas like castles and villages. You can hang drapes or sheets over an armor stand to create a statue of non-player characters (NPCs), such as shopkeepers, bosses, or villagers.

With the right timing and lighting, you can create a statue that looks alive—almost as if it were a creepier, weapon-wielding version of the original NPC.

Is the Armor Stand Useful in Minecraft?

There isn’t much practical use for an armor stand in the game. It’s a simple item that doesn’t have any real functionality or significant purpose.

However, in an open-world sandbox game like Minecraft, “usefulness” is a relative term. It’s all about what you want to do with the game.

If your goal is to build a simple RPG world with castles and villages, then an armor stand can certainly be that one elusive item that makes your creation seem complete. On the other hand, if you’re creating a more practical building layout for aesthetics, adding an armor stand place can enhance your display.

An armor stands in Minecraft doesn’t really serve a practical game purpose. However, it’s definitely one of those items you won’t use often but will occasionally find a use for. It might even make or break the look of your next castle or town layout!

Aesthetic Uses for the Armor Stand

Armor stands can be used for some cool, non-practical things in Minecraft—things that will make your world look much more impressive.

Besides armor, you can create intimidating displays of mob heads and jack-o-lanterns.  You can create eerie statues of villagers, bosses, and other non-player characters (NPCs).

An armor stand can give a room a feel like a classroom, library, or museum. Or, it can simply give the illusion that a room is occupied by an owner who simply isn’t home right now (and may not really exist outside of your imagination).

You can configure an armor stand in unique poses to create some really appealing displays. With a few well-placed lighting effects in the right places, you can make an armor stand appear as if it’s alive!

Can You Put Raw Food on Armor Stands?

Not in Minecraft: Java Edition. However, In Bedrock Edition, as of version 1.12.0 (July 2019), you can place raw food on armor stands, but you can’t use them to craft or eat the food. This means the feature isn’t available on mobile, Nintendo Switch, or the Education Edition.

If you put raw chicken, pork, or other organic foods on the armor stand, the stand will take on the form of the mob associated with that food. 

Other types of food won’t work, though.

Do Armor Stands Despawn?

In the current version of Minecraft, armor stands do not despawn.  They remain in the world until you break them.

If you want to place an armor stand in a village, be careful about where you put it. Villagers do roam the land, and they might bump into your armor stand if they’re walking nearby.

If you place your armor stand in a village and want to remove it later, one option is to destroy the entire villager house structure. This will cause the villagers to despawn.

The downside of this method is that if you’ve left some chests on the floor of their house, they won’t stay there. They’ll drop to the ground, so you’ll have to grab them. If they’re filled with valuable items that you don’t want to lose, this can be a problem.

Are There Different Types of Armor Stands in Minecraft?

There aren’t any types of armor stands. They’re all the same item: a gray stand that resembles an armor mannequin.

There aren’t any other items that really serve the same purpose, either. Unfortunately, most players don’t have much use for an armor stand. You can wear your own armor on you. And, you don’t need a mannequin to display that armor.

If you get creative and start placing them around the world in unusual places, they’ll look cute or funny. However, with only one color of their texture block (gray), they’re not quite as impressive as they could be.