Minecraft Color Codes: Text Mods For DAYS

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Color codes and other text formatting codes let you change the way text looks in Minecraft. Whether it’s in chat, on signs, in books, or as a server message – color and formatting codes are the key to spicing up text in Minecraft, without any external tools.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about color codes and other formatting options.

We’ll share all the codes available, how to use them, and other important things to know!

How to Use Color Codes in Minecraft

Using Minecraft color codes is an easy way to bring some spice to your text in game. These colors and effects can be applied to any text component. (We’ll explain the different places in more detail later).

In most text situations, the color and format codes are applied by putting a section sign (§) with the color code before your tag. This works in vanilla Minecraft, no mods rquired!

That said, it only works in Bedrock edition, with Java edition you will need to use mods.

For example, if you type “§4 hello” the text will appear in dark red, any other specified color.

To change the color back to the original, insert “§r” to reset to the text’s default color, reverting away from the desired color given with the code. .

You can change the colors within the same text input, for example, you could write:

“§e Hello §a welcome §9 to §6 Minecraft”

So each letter would be a unique color.

Besides changing colors with color codes, you also have access to a range of formatting options thanks to the formatting codes. These let you change the appearance of text, making it bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, or obfuscated. Obfuscation randomly and constantly changes the characters, concealing any text that would be written.

You can combine both color codes and formatting codes in text simultaneously. For example, you could make the text dark blue and underlined by writing “§c§1 Text”, or make it dark purple and bold by writing “§l§5 Text”

Note, that you have to put the formatting code after the color code – because Minecraft formatting codes are canceled out after a color code point.

You can also use a Minecraft color code generator website (like Codepen) to do all the hard work for you thanks to its easier graphical interface.

The section sign used to work for all formatting, although recently Minecraft changed the way server text is edited.

If you are a server manager, you’ll need to check out the detailed server text editing guide below. Server text is the only type that won’t be formatted by a section sign.

Minecraft color codes

Where Can You Use Color Codes?

Color codes can be used in a range of places in Minecraft:

Bedrock edition:

  • Books
  • Chat messages
  • Item name tag
  • Language files
  • Server names, and world titles
  • Signs
  • World names in the world selection menu

List of Color Codes in Minecraft

  • §0 = Black
  • §1 = Dark blue
  • §2 = Dark green
  • §3 = Dark aqua
  • §4 = Dark red
  • §5 = Dark purple
  • §6 = Gold
  • §7 = Gray
  • §8 = Dark gray
  • §9 = Blue
  • §a = Green
  • §b = Aqua
  • §c = Red
  • §d = Light purple
  • §e = Yellow
  • §f = White
  • §g = Minecoin gold

Other Minecraft Formatting Codes

  • §k = Obfuscated
  • §l = Bold
  • §m = Strikethrough
  • §n = Underline
  • §o = Italic
  • §r =Reset

How Do You Type the Section Symbol in Minecraft?

Typing the section symbol (§) is easy, but different depending on the platform you are using.

Remember if you are playing Java edition then this technique will not work.

You can also copy and paste it from this page! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for quick reference too.

  • Windows with US/UK keyboards = ALT+NUMPAD1+NUMPAD2
  • Mac
    • with US Keyboard type = Option+6 or Option+5
    • Other keyboard types = Hold option and type 00a7
  • Linux = Hold the Compose key, and type s o
  • Nintendo Switch = Select languages from the globe icon on the keyboard, and find the “Symbols” language by scrolling down. On page 2 you will find the section symbol on the bottom line towards the right-hand side.
  • Android = Open the number/symbol menu and scroll through the pages until you find the right symbol.
  • iOs
    • Ipad = Hold down on the percent (%) sign to open the submenu where this symbol is contained
    • iPhone = It’s located under the ampersand (&) sign. Hold down the key and slide your finger over to the section symbol.
  • Xbox = Hold down on the S key on the keyboard to open up the submenu with alternate options and select the symbol from there.
Colored Server Text

Differences Between Servers and Chat

In server back ends, the way color codes are implemented is different (slightly more complicated) than chat code.

Because of the way servers work in Minecraft, you can’t simply use a section sign to activate the color codes.

Instead, you have to use a JSON color code (or formatting code) to alter the text in your Minecraft server. This could be anything from the message of the day (motd) to interaction notifications generated by your server.

You can also edit server text components using hex codes, although this is more convoluted. I recommend using the JSON codes instead of a hex-digit code.

Besides the motd code and other formatting options being written differently, the underlying mechanic of how they are inserted into the text, and how they interact with text are exactly the same as the standard color codes.

If you want to change the color for the server’s internal name, you might need to open the server world’s folder and enter the text into the server info files directly – by changing the levelname tag. This ensures the effect appears on any generated text in your Minecraft server.

Use the following codes to edit the text color and format in a Minecraft server.

Server Color Codes

  • Dark Red = \u00A74
  • Red = \u00A7c
  • Gold = \u00A76
  • Yellow = \u00A7e
  • Dark Green = \u00A72
  • Green = \u00A7a
  • Aqua = \u00A7b
  • Dark Aqua = \u00A73
  • Dark Blue = \u00A71
  • Blue = \u00A79
  • Light Purple = \u00A7d
  • Dark Purple = \u00A75
  • White = \u00A7f
  • Gray = \u00A77
  • Dark Gray = \u00A78

Server Formatting Codes

  • Black = \u00A70
  • Bold = \u00A7l
  • Italic = \u00A7o
  • Underline = \u00A7n
  • Strikethrough = \u00A7m
  • Obfuscated = \u00A7k
  • Reset = \u00A7r

Most servers need to use formatting with these codes to work – for example, if you want your MOTD colored. Just like changing a chat color, you need to insert the code into the same line of internal code in the server you want to edit.

Colored and Modified Text in a Minecraft Server

Conclusion: Enjoy Writing All Fancy!

Using color and format codes is a fun way to enhance your Minecraft text with custom colors and effects. Whether you are using it to impress people in chat, or to make cool or creepy signs, understanding how to use color codes and format codes is a powerful tool for communicating in Minecraft.

Don’t forget to bookmark this ultimate guide to Minecraft color codes for quick reference!


How Do You Color Code Text in Minecraft?

To color code text in Minecraft all you need to do is insert a section sign (§) with one of the color codes or formatting codes before your text. For example “§6 Hello world” would display the message in gold color text. See the rest of this guide for more codes.

How Do You Color Name Items in Minecraft?

To color name items in Minecraft, the first thing you need is an anvil. This lets you rename items, and during this process, you can add color codes to the item name to customize the colors.

You will also need a nametag item to rename items in your anvil. Nametags can only be found in chest loot, in places like woodland mansions, buried treasure chests, Dungeons, and Ancient Cities.

Simply put the item in the anvil, with the nametags, and insert some color codes (explained above) into the new name.

How to Format Server Text in Minecraft?

Formatting server text in Minecraft is slightly different from the standard text formatting codes. Rather than using a section sign, you have to use the raw JSON tag for the color or formatting. For example: Red = \u00A7c, Bold = \u00A7l

Read the rest of the guide above for more information on server color codes and formatting code.