Minecraft coming to Xbox 360, won’t be a straight port

Minecraft, the pixelated pickaxe-wielding sensation that’s been rocking the nation, will be coming Xbox 360 according to an announcement during Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

The Xbox 360 version will feature Kinect functionality, and though it won’t be required to play, Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson pointed out that “with the power of Kinect you will feel closer to your game than evar before and it also saves kittens.” Kitten saving aside, it also “won’t be a straight port” of its PC predecessor according to Persson, who will retain the role of game designer with the yet to be announced developer of the project. Indeed, Persson’s Mojang studio won’t be handling the nitty gritty of bringing the cult hit to the console gaming masses, but he assures that the mystery programmers  “have done several console games before.”

“Me and Jens [Bergensten] are still as much on the PC version as we’ve ever been,” he wrote in answer to fan questions on Reddit, promising that this latest expansion of the franchise will not divert attention from the game that started it all. “We two are not console developers.”