Every Minecraft Fence Recipe, From Wood To Iron

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Fences are an important block type in Minecraft that can help keep enemies out, and friends in. They also look cool and are a core part of any wooden build.

This step-by-step guide shows you the fence recipe, how to make any type of fence or fence gates, and some interesting fence facts!

Fence Types

There are four main fence block types in Minecraft.

  • Wooden fences
  • Nether brick fences
  • Iron Fences
  • Stone walls (not really a fence, but similar).

You can also use wood planks to make gates.

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

Making fences in Minecraft is super easy, although the exact recipe depends on the type of fence you want to make.

The only required materials to make wooden fences are four blocks of wood planks and two sticks. Place two planks on either side of the middle column of sticks.

This image shows you how to make a fence with your desired wood planks from the crafting table menu:

crafting an oak fence

You can use almost any type of wood plank, each wood type makes fences with different visuals.

You have to use four of the same wood block, you can’t mix and match – such as mixing oak and jungle wood planks.

basic fence

Here are all the wood types that can make fences:

  • Oak fence
  • Spruce
  • Birch
  • Jungle wood fence
  • Acacia
  • Dark Oak fences
  • Mangrove
  • Crimson
  • Warped fences

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft?

The recipe for fence gates is a little different. These require 4 sticks and 2 wood planks.

crafting a fence gate

Gates let you open and close them, working basically like a door. This is a nice way to make an aesthetically pleasing fence enclosed area that gives entry, while also preventing unwanted mob access.

You can activate fence gates with Redstone items, like pressure plates, levers, and buttons.

oak fence gate

How to Craft Different Types of Fences in Minecraft

You can make more than just wooden fences!

How to Make Iron Fences in Minecraft

Iron fences (technically iron bars) are another durable and decorative fences-style block.

These are perfect for making prisons, dungeons, or other metal-based decorations.

To make a stack of iron fences, you simply need 6 iron ingots.

crafting an iron fence in minecraft

Iron fences don’t have any type of fence gates, although you can make an iron door, the recipe is the same 6 iron ingots, just as a verticle rectangle rather than horizontal

How to Make Nether Brick Fences in Minecraft

Nether brick fences are stronger than wood, and also look really cool. If you want to build some tasty-looking Nether fences you will have to brave the Nether to gather Nether bricks.

To craft each batch of Nether fences, it takes 18 nether bricks total.

Nether brick fences are made out of 4 Nether bricks (the solid block), and 2 Nether brick (the individual items).

crafting a nether brick fence in minecraft

Reverse the arrangement of this recipe to make Nether brick fence gates.

How to Make Stone Walls

To make a stone fence in Minecraft (actually called a stone wall) all you need is 6 pieces of cobblestone.

If you have bricks, you can follow the same pattern to make brick walls – which look a bit cooler.

crafting a cobblestone wall
stone wall

Best Uses of Fences in Minecraft

Here are some of the best reasons to make a fence.

As Barriers

While fences look like they are only one block high, their hitbox is actually 1.5 blocks high.

This means that mobs can’t get over them (unless affected by a Jump Boost) making fences an effective defensive barrier to keep mobs out of your base. Unfortunately, spiders can climb over fences.

Fences automatically connect to any adjacent blocks – this lets you see through areas without letting enemies through. They will look like a single post if they don’t connect to anything, and make a corner post when you change direction.

To Attach Mobs with a Lead

If you have a lead, you can attach mobs to a fence. Any passive mobs from horses to polar bears can be leashed to a fence.

Fuel, in a Furnace

Standard wood fences can be burnt in furnaces for fuel. They have burning energy for 1.5 smelting conversions.

Note Blocks

When placed below Minecraft’s musical note blocks, wooden fences will trigger a bass sound. A nether brick fence will create a bass drum sound.


Making a wooden fence is easy and only costs a few wood planks. These functional and aesthetic blocks are one of the most useful items for protecting your base and creating boundaries.

There are a bunch of different fence and wall types in Minecraft, so experiment with them to find out your favorite looks!


How Do You Make a Fence in Minecraft?

To make a fence in Minecraft, all you need is four wood planks (of the same type), two sticks, and a crafting table. You can see the recipe pattern to build fences in the article above.

Can Mobs Jump Over Fences in Minecraft?

Most mobs are not able to jump over fences (unless they have a jump boost status effect). The only mob you need to worry about are spiders, which can climb fences – or any flying mobs if you’re in the Nether.

Can Villagers Open Fence Gates in Minecraft?

No, villagers can’t open fence gates – they will only walk through them if they are opened already. They can open wooden doors though.