The Minecraft Jenny Mod: Get A Virtual Girlfriend

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Us Minecraft nerds know how hard looting yourself a girlfriend in real life can be – they’re one of the rarest drops in the game of “IRL”. Thankfully, you can get yourself a cute Minecraft girlfriend at the click of a button. All you need is the Jenny Mod.

While we can’t help you get a real GF – this guide shows you how to install yourself a new virtual girlfriend in Minecraft. We also outline some outstanding features.

Minecraft Jenny Mod – Overview and Features

The Minecraft Jenny mod brings a new interactive girlfriend into your Minecraft world with this unofficial expansion pack.

You’ll no longer have to search Minecraftia for a wife after downloading Jenny.

This free mod completely changes the purpose of Minecraft, and lets you date, hang out with, and have adult interactions with your new blocky lady friend.

It’s worth noting that the Jenny mod does feature NSFW (not safe for work) interactions – if that’s your cup of tea, then you’ll get a lot of fun out of this mod.

Although it’s definitely not suitable for everyone, particularly minors (miners are fine though).

Jenny Mod Minecraft Features

After you install the mod, you need to create a Jenny by using her spawn egg found in the creative item menu.

Jenny isn’t the only girlfriend included in this mod. The mod actually gives you 5 different women to hang out with:

  • Jenny
  • Bee
  • Bia
  • Ellie
  • Smile Girl

Each of these girlfriends features a unique model, skin, and style – although they all use the same animations and mechanics.

You can interact with your Minecraft girlfriend in several ways:

  • Take her on dates
  • Change her clothes and armor
  • Give her treats like diamonds, emeralds, and gold
  • Have real-time conversations with her through in-game text chat
  • Dance with her
  • She will defend you in combat
  • Equip weapons and armor
  • Use her inventory
  • Engage in a range of adult interactions

You can’t jump straight into the deep end. To unlock all of Jenny’s interactions you’ll need to earn her respect by gifting her diamonds and emeralds.

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Jenny has her own inventory, where she can wield a weapon in either hand or be given armor to wear.

She can wear armor made from any material in Minecraft, from leather to diamond and netherite.

Besides using her for your blocky fantasy, you can also use her as a useful companion and moving storage chest.

Minecraft Version compatibilities

The Jenny Mod is compatible with the latest version 1.19 of Minecraft.

You can find legacy versions dating back to 1.12.

Sadly, the Jenny Mod is not available in the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game.

How to Install Minecraft Jenny Mod – Java Edition & PC Version

Follow these steps to install your new virtual girlfriend.

Forge version of Minecraft, launcher
  1. You’ll need to download and install the Minecraft Forge mod manager software.
    • Download the Forge Installer from here – Minecraft Forge
    • Run the download to install Forge
  2. Download the Jenny Mod, making sure you choose a version that is compatible with your version of Forge and Minecraft.
  3. Now you need to move the downloaded Jenny Mod folder to Minecraft’s mods folder.
    • Start the game using the Forge version of Minecraft from the launcher
    • Select “MINECRAFT MODS” button from the main menu, then from the lower left select “OPEN FOLDER”
    • Paste the Jenny Mod folder into the mods folder.
  4. Go back to the MODS menu, and make sure the Jenny Mod is activated from the left-hand list.
  5. Click play, and you are ready to find Jenny, your new Minecraft babe.

Note, you need to enter creative mode to be able to enjoy the Jenny Mod gameplay. When played in creative, it also gives you unlimited money so you can play any of the games Jenny wants!

Jenny Mod Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Jenny Mod Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

You can actually download Jenny Mod for mobile versions of Minecraft – meaning both Android and iOs users can enjoy Jenny’s company.

Conclusion – Enjoy Your New Girlfriend!

Enhance your Minecraftian world and gameplay by downloading a girlfriend and giving yourself some entertaining company.


Is playing Jenny Mod Safe?

This mod contains adult material, making it not safe for work.

Who is Minecraft Jenny?

Jenny is a virtual girlfriend for any lonely gamers who need some blocky romance.