Minecraft Kitchen: 7 Best Ideas To Cook Up A Cool Build!

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Building Minecraft kitchens is both fun, and functional. You don’t want to be a Minecraft scrub cooking your pork chops in a basic mud hut with a rusty old furnace.

There are actually a few items you can use to make better-performing kitchens – mostly using a smoker, hoppers, barrels, and other kitchen utility blocks.

This guide will fill you up with inspiration for super cool Minecraft kitchen ideas, and show you some cool decorative hacks for making kitchen items.

Get ready to cook up some delicious Minecraftian food for your adventures!

7 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Here are some cool Minecraft kitchen design ideas to incorporate into your own home.

Basic Minecraft Kitchen

Basic Minecraft Kitchen

The best kitchen to start with is the most basic. This cool little tutorial explains how to build a small, but modern kitchen in under three minutes. Despite looking super modern with an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, this kitchen still uses the standard texture pack for Minecraft.

It uses a lot of concrete and quartz slabs, which can be a little bit tricky to get hold of in survival mode. Although, when you see how stylish this little kitchen is then you won’t be able to resist. It has a counter, sink, oven, fridge, long table, and all the other things you expect in a kitchen.

This uses some really creative block placement to create a unique and sweet kitchen!

3 Minute Minecraft Kitchen Build Tutorial

Standard Minecraft Kitchen

Standard Minecraft Kitchen

Next up we have a slightly larger kitchen build that with a more rustic, wooden aesthetic. This kitchen really sets the scene. While it needs a larger amount of materials than the previous build, we think it looks a bit more interesting and has more detail.

This kitchen features all the usual parts, and even uses some cool block placement hacks to make cupboards shelves, sinks, and other parts. This one is really creative! The use of lanterns gives it a cozy feel. While it looks the part, it’s also functional thanks to the smokers and storage!

You can easily incorporate this into your house, just make sure you include windows when you complete it to let in some natural light.

Minecraft: How to Build a Kitchen

Medieval Kitchen

Medieval Kitchen

While medieval kitchen designs were definitely not as hygienic as our kitchens today, they can still serve as some nice inspiration for a Minecraft kitchen build

These Medieval Minecraft kitchen ideas have a more humble approach than some of the others on this list, although they’re still very pleasing, and will be the perfect fit for a fantasy Minecraft world.

This tutorial shows some small, easy kitchen designs with a medieval feel. There are some really creative uses for wooden doors and windows in there!

Minecraft: 3 Medieval Kitchen Designs [EASY]

Underground Fantasy Kitchen

Underground Fantasy Kitchen

If you were the king of a Minecraft castle, then this kind of kitchen would be essential for hosting massive banquets. Building a massive underground fantasy kitchen is the perfect addition to any large castle build in Minecraft.

It’s complete with all the things you need for your servants to make your feast, including a large chest room to store your pork chops!

We love the chequered black and white floor that reminds us of kitchens seen in classical fantasy video games. The corner tables are made from wood, and the chairs make this an attractive design, just make sure you have enough space to build it!

Epic Underground Kitchen + Chest Room Minecraft Tutorial

Working Kitchen Diner

Working Kitchen Diner

A cool thing about Minecraft is the ability to use redstone and other items to make interesting interactive features. This is something that is a welcome addition to any kitchen designs. We also love the decorative use of potted plants.

This corner kitchen tutorial idea is filled with barrels, chests, and smokers to make your kitchen life easier. Beyond this, it also has an automated system using pressure plates and hoppers to collect your food and alert you when it’s ready.

It also uses a bunch of signs and item frames to indicate what’s on the menu tonight! You could use this modern design as a restaurant kitchen. Just get ready to put on a smart suit to serve your guests some wine.

Minecraft Working Kitchen Diner Tutorial

Working Kitchen with Automatic Features

Working Kitchen with Automatic Features

This is another really cool build idea that is almost as good as a real-life kitchen (although digital pork chops don’t taste as good as the real thing…)

Using a range of interactive features, this sweet modern kitchen has a bunch of setups that make meal preparation easier. It uses a lot of creative block placement to make decorations that aren’t in the base game – like making fridges, stove covers, cabinets, and mosaics out of trap doors and other blocks.

It has a clever food dispensing system that uses redstone to automatically eject cooked food out of any ovens and smokers used. This system is also wired up to a note block which makes a piano beep to alert you that your meal is ready. The creator of this kitchen calls this system a microwave – and it does work almost just like a real one.

The aesthetic of this kitchen is on point, but the fact that it offers interactive redstone features makes it really stand out. It’s a fun project idea to whip up!

Minecraft: How to Build a Modern Working Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

This is easily our favorite modern kitchen design. It uses so many cool tricks that open up your mind as to what is possible in terms of Minecraft decorations, this is super imaginative.

The tutorial shows you how to use a loom and color palette to dye banners in a certain way so that you can make “face plates” that mimic the appearance of certain things like fridge doors, cupboards, and ovens.

It’s a super cool build tutorial that will change your mind about what is possible in vanilla Minecraft. Again, this is one of those kitchen space builds that will surprise you that look just as good in the native texture pack too!

Minecraft Modern Kitchen Tutorial

What Blocks to use in your Minecraft Kitchen?

There are a bunch of blocks that actually make cooking easier in Minecraft. There are also other blocks that bring a perfect touch of kitchen aesthetic to your build, so we really recommend using these.

Firstly, you should look into using a smoker this is a utility block in Minecraft, which is an adapted version of the furnace.

utility block in Minecraft

Unlike a regular furnace, a smoker cooks food at twice the speed. It also uses fuel at twice the speed, but it’s not a bad thing – it just means that the roasting process becomes more time efficient.

Barrels are another neat item to use in your Minecraft kitchen.

Barrels are another neat item

They work exactly like a single chest and have enough room to hold 27 items, but they have more of a kitchen-friendly appearance – this is a really nice touch instead of using standard chests.

Conclusion: Ready, Steady, Cook!

After looking at the above tutorials you’ll know how to spice up your Minecraft kitchen designs. These Minecraft kitchens are full of inspirational decoration hacks to simulate appliances, furniture, and other kitchen essentials.

The next time you need to eat something, create yourself one of these good-looking kitchen concepts in your Minecraft home. Not only do they look tasty, but they make it easier to roast meat and other snacks!


Can you Make a Kitchen in Minecraft?

You can easily make a kitchen in Minecraft. Just check out some of the best Minecraft kitchen ideas that we’ve shared above!