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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Playing parkour is one of the best things to do in Minecraft, but finding the best Minecraft servers isn’t always easy. Whether you are kicking back and chilling, or sweating out some parkour speed runs, free-running in Minecraft is a great way to pass the time. 

Unless you want to build your own Minecraft parkour maps, you’ll need to find something that someone has already made. Thankfully there are some really cool Minecraft parkour servers out there, so we put together this list for you!

The 10 Top Minecraft Parkour Servers 

From easy, scenic Minecraft parkour servers, to ones with more challenging maps, this selection has it all.

To join any of the best parkour servers, simply start a multiplayer game and enter the Server IP Address. Make sure you choose the correct server address depending on whether you are using the Java or Bedrock version of Minecraft. 

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Some of these parkour servers use mod packs, so make sure you have the necessary ones installed! 



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Coming in at the top spot is the Jumpcraft Minecraft server. It’s not surprising this is the best server on the list, given that this is the largest parkour-dedicated survey in the Minecraft community. Unlike many servers on this list, parkour is the main focus of Jumpcraft, rather than being one minigame from a selection. 

Jumpcraft boasts over 800 unique parkour courses and is regularly updated with the latest maps – almost on a daily basis. A cool feature of this server is the ability to level up your rank to earn perks and abilities. There are also a bunch of practice maps, and 4 different difficulty brackets. 

If you only check out one Minecraft parkour server, it’s got to be this one. It also has a decent population, so you won’t feel lonely. Join today and explore the parkour challenges with your friends!



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As the name suggests, Parkourcraft is another parkour-focused Minecraft server – although it does have a couple of other awesome gamemodes. With over 250 different parkour maps, this server will keep you busy for days. 

This lag-free Minecraft parkour server also has a bunch of speedrunning missions to test your Minecraft parkour reflexes. You can also track your competition statistics and compete with friends!


Java IP address:

Bedrock address:

minecraft, OPBlocks

OPBlocks is one of the older Minecraft servers around there, and it’s still well-maintained today. This Minecraft server is filled with minigames and custom game modes – from skyblock survival to prison break, dungeons, and boss fights. You’ll even notice countless custom-coded features.

The community is welcoming, it’s full of friendly staff, and the owners are committed to delivering high-quality content. You’re can complete challenges every day (even in parkour modes) which helps you get extra awesome rewards and keep you coming back for more. 

The parkour maps are easy to find, and you can instantly teleport to them with the /warp command.


Java address:

Bedrock IP address:

The Mineplex servers are one of the best-known servers in the community and are widely celebrated for their quality and diversity. Mineplex isn’t strictly a parkour server, but still has a huge range of parkour content. There are a few different parkour modes and challenges which keep it fresh. 

The Mineplex Minecraft server is always busy too, so you’ll find plenty of other players to race with. It’s also packed with fun custom features.



Snapcraft is another popular server with a bunch of different game modes and unique theme races. The skyblock and prisoner modes are some of the most popular out there. As for parkour, it has a decent range of maps and race courses with progressively harder difficulties. The server is also relatively popular.




Minr is also one of the longest-running large Minecraft servers, having been around for over a decade now. Besides the huge amount of fun mini games, puzzles, and challenges, the Minr server offers a great selection of parkour maps and courses. In fact, Minr features over 500 parkour courses!

If you get enough XP and level up in the server, you can get invited to become a creator and bring in your own maps and ideas. 

It has a decent range of difficulty levels too, so whether you are new to parkour or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be able to find parkour maps that hit the sweet spot for your skill level. 



Foxcraft is a beloved community-based Minecraft server and has a bunch of classic parkour maps and challenges. This server is quite innovative in the way its parkour maps work, and defeat the often repetitive nature of free-running by changing some of the base mechanics. 

Complex Gaming


Complex gaming offers a range of servers, some of which are kitted out with different mod packs for extra freshness. The four main servers they offer are Tekkit, Pixelmon, Feed The Beast, and Vanilla. All of these servers feature parkour maps, so you can find a lot of variety. 

Play In A Box


Another popular server, Play In A Box offers over 100 parkour maps, along with all the other popular minigames. A unique feature of this server is the ability for users to upload parkour maps they created themselves. A fun and unique feature for parkour Minecraft servers.

Mox MC 


Often with 1000 active players, Mox MC is another variety server with a bunch of fun parkour missions. This is probably one of the more popular Minecraft servers today, so get ready for a competitive race! You should explore the rest of the Mox MC world too!

How To Get Better At Parkour In Minecraft

These tips will help you to improve your Minecraft parkour skills. 

  • Put your sprint hotkey wherever you feel most comfortable. The shift key is usually a good choice. This is easier than double-tapping W. 
  • Crouch when landing to make sure you don’t fall off the block. 
  • Set your mouse sensitivity to your perfect preference. 
  • Jump when on the edge of a block, rather than the middle. 
  • Use the block to your advantage. 
  • Take your time. 
  • Only sprint when necessary.
  • Practice makes perfect! Regularly practice parkour maps so you get good control and muscle memory. 

Put on Those Running Shoes!

This concludes the list of the best Minecraft parkour servers. With this massive range to choose from you’ll never run out of challenging new parkour missions. If you are running solo, or with friends, these Minecraft servers will keep you busy for days on end!


Is There Parkour on Hypixel?

Hypixel Minecraft servers have plenty of parkour options. You can access these through the minigame lobbies. The racing maps can be a lot of fun too!

Does Mineplex Have Parkour?

Mineplex servers have 5 different parkour levels, all of which can be accessed from the central hub. There is even a secret hidden parkour level. Shhh!

How do I Play Minecraft Parkour?

To play Minecraft parkour, first, you need to connect to a server that has parkour maps. Simply type in the server’s IP address when joining a multiplayer game. Then start running!