6 Coolest Minecraft Statue Ideas To Kickstart Your Creativity

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Minecraft is more than a game, it’s a creative medium – an art form. Anything you can imagine can be built, which is why it’s such a great tool for cool creative projects and digital art.

Statues are a classical art form, and it’s interesting to see how Minecraft can be used for digital sculpture.

Whether you’re building them just for fun or you want to make a true masterpiece that will make Rembrandt eat his beret – this guide has all the amazing statue inspiration Minecraft players could ever ask for.

The 6 Coolest Minecraft Statue Ideas

Here are some cool Minecraft statue ideas and tutorials to juice up your creativity.

Dragon Statue Minecraft

Mythical dragons are fearsome beasts that are always worth honoring in statue form. This Minecraft Dragon Statue Tutorial shows you how to make some epic dragon statues in a simple, step-by-step guide. Any fantasy Minecraft world will be enhanced with this monstrous stone statue. This one is pretty complicated, so it might be easier to make in creative rather than survival mode.

Minecraft Frog Statue

Minecraft Frog Statue

Ribbit! Frogs are one of the newest mobs added to Minecraft, among with a few other animals – making it a good time to add a frog statue to Miencraftia. In this Minecraft Frog Statue Tutorial example, you’ll learn how to build a cute statue. This is a really cool project as it has a built-in redstone mechanism that automatically turns the statue into a water fountain when the sun comes up!

Statue of Liberty Minecraft

Statue of Liberty Minecraft

As far as iconic statues go, the Statue of Liberty is probably one of the most famous out there. Follow this guide to recreate this classic monument in Minecraft – Statue of Liberty Minecraft Tutorial.

A cool thing about this tutorial is that it uses copper blocks as the main building ingredient – which can change between different colors from clean copper orange to weathered green – just like the real statue.

Creeper Statue

Creeper Statue

Hisssssss… Boom! Creepers are one of Minecraft’s most recognizable mobs. This unique, scary mob has unique a body shape and skin pattern, which are easily converted into beautiful Minecraft statues. Just check out this Minecraft Creeper Statue Tutorial!

Fun fact – did you know that creepers were created by mistake when a programming glitch for pigs messed up the shape of their bodies? Just imagine, these classic beasts may never have existed without a basic coding mistake!

Zombie Statue

Zombie Statue

Staying on the theme of Minecraft mobs, this Zombie Minecraft Statue Tutorial creates an authentic statue that looks identical to Minecraft’s zombies. This is a great way to scare people away from your base (maybe…)!

Statue Villagers

Statue Villagers

Villagers are another one of Minecraft’s mysterious residents and are known to guard their villages and farms against invaders. Check out this 5 Unique Villager Statue Tutorial to learn a bunch of cool-looking villager-inspired statues. These cutesy statues look a bit like the Easter Island heads, although closer to Minecraft villagers. You can make these from anything, from wood to nether bricks, or even jelly!

Tips for Making Minecraft Statues

Following tutorials is a good place to start, but if you want to come up with some original ideas for your Minecraft statues, here are some tips and steps to follow.

  1. Start by deciding on the overall design. It can help to use reference images to plan it out. Something like the Minecraft Pixel Art Generator can be useful to get a clean 2D outline.
  2. Then you need to plan out the colors and materials you’ll use. You can start by building them with one block type to get the shape sketched out, and then add colored blocks after.
  3. Now you need to collect all the materials and blocks (if you’re in survival mode).
  4. Then, start by building the outlines from the front and side perspectives. This helps to get the overall structure scaffolded, which makes it easier to start filling out the details.
  5. Once the outline is complete, you can just fill out the other main areas and do the finishing touches!


With this list of ideas and tips, you won’t run out of inspiration for your Minecraft statues. Building statues in Minecraft is a really fun way to flex your creative muscles, and a successful statue project is a badge of honor in the artistic community – even if it is made in Minecraft!

Bookmark this page to jump back as a quick reference when you next need some cool ideas!

FAQs About Minecraft Statues

How do you Make Statues in Minecraft?

Making statues in Minecraft is easy. All you need to do is collect all the required materials, plan out the outline, fill in the main body, and then add the final details and decoration. Obviously, the exact process depends on the style of the statue you’re looking to make – check out some of the tutorials shared above!

How do you Make a Character Statue in Minecraft?

Building a character statue in Minecraft is pretty easy if you plan it out properly. All you need to do is work out what character you want to build. Make the frame outline, then add the colors and details. This Skin/Character Minecraft Statue Tutorial is full of handy tips.

What is the Biggest Monument in Minecraft?

The biggest naturally spawning monument in Minecraft is the Ocean Monuments. These are epic structures that generate deep variants of Ocean Biomes. You can identify these by the tall Kelp growths. These are interesting monuments to explore and are one of the only places where you won’t find any loot chests.