Mini Modern Warfare 2 Twitter deets

Twitter, it’s like a great big bucket of boring. Just blinked? Stick it on Twitter. Sneezed? Stick it on Twitter. Had a particularly satisfying dump? Twitter!! Thankfully, however, the occasional newsworthy tweet does rise up out of the dirge. Take this one, posted (twittered? tweeted?) this morning by Infinity Ward PR man Robert Bowling, again confirming the Call of Duty series’ return to a contemporary setting: “Reviewing some radio-chatter VO we just finished recording for Modern Warfare 2 today. ‘Cujo Two-One this is Vulture, solid copy on all.'” Ok, so it’s hardly earth-shattering stuff, but with a complete lack of any other details coming out, it’ll have to do for now. We can’t wait for this game.